Nerge is proud to offer a variety of clubs and enriching activities!   

For more information, please email the sponsors of each club.



3rd and 4th Grade Nerge Sports Club

Run by

Mrs. Creager and Mrs. Choe


Do you love playing sports? This club is for you! We will begin each club meeting by eating lunch and end with a group sports game. Students will come to the gym at the beginning of their lunch/recess period and return to their classrooms at the end.

Unified Champions

Run by

Mrs. Creager, Mrs. Choe, and Mrs. Kaup


Unified Champions is dedicated to cheering on Special Olympics athletes, especially those in our school and schools nearby, and getting other students involved as well. Our inclusive club will introduce students to other students with different abilities. We will meet Special Olympics athletes and discover how much we all have in common. Our ultimate goal is to create an atmosphere of acceptance and respect at our school and in our community. 



Pen Pals

Run by

Mrs. Creager and Mrs. Choe


Do you love meeting new people and learning about what makes us all unique? Then this club is for you! UKnighted Pen Pals will meet to learn about how to embrace our uniqueness and help others belong.  Each meeting will be held during lunch and recess.  This club will focus on understanding belonging and helping others feel included through writing letters. 



Cheerleading Club

Run by

Miss Jerzyk, Miss Kleczynski, Miss Scott


Cheer Club promotes positive self-images, team spirit, and physical fitness at Nerge School. Students learn and practice team building skills, cheers, chants, beginning tumbling, and jumps. At the end of each session, the cheerleaders get excited to showcase their skills to families and staff!



Broadcasting Club

Run by

Miss Lettecci and Mr. Waldau


6th graders will come in before school to create and tape the Nerge News.  Student will rotate jobs both in front of the camera and behind the scenes to deliver 2 weekly broadcasts for Nerge students.

Art Club/ Sketchbooks

Run by

Mrs. Lettecci


The Art Club, which will be meeting before school from February through April, will be a way for 4th , 5th, and 6th graders to learn how to draw some things realistically. Each student will receive a sketchbook where they will learn to draw, and then practice what they have learned. We will begin with drawing a very realistic eye!



Nerge’s Crafty Club

Run by

Mrs. Kaup


Details coming soon!



Crochet Club

Run by

Mrs. Alkurdi


In crochet club, students will realize the importance of critical thinking and problem-solving. Students will be exposed to the basic steps needed to start and end a project. They will be introduced to two basic crochet stitches and develop a technology-free hobby!




Multicultural Club

Run by

Mrs. Kaup and Mrs. Choe


Nerge’s Multicultural Club is dedicated to spreading awareness, understanding, and appreciation of different cultures, its people, diversity, and values. This club also encourages students to share their own culture with one another.



Rocket Club

Run by

Mr. Waldau and Miss Barzowski


Students in 5th and 6th grade will actually build and design thier own model rocket.  At then end of the year, we will take a field trip and launch these rockets at a district wide event at Olympic Park!





Lego Club

Run by

Miss Ferreri and Miss Orenstein


Does your first or second grader like Legos? Do they enjoy using their creative minds? Do they like working with a team?

We have the perfect club for them! Lego club will give students the chance to problem-solve and display their creativity in unique and fun ways!

Singing Club

Run by

Miss Mason


In Singing Club, students will learn all about singing techniques while learning fun repertoire to perform. This is a great club to get music lovers ready to join choir!




Santa’s Helpers Club

Run by

Mrs. Kase


Details coming soon!



Service Club

Run by

Miss Jerzyk, Mrs. Stinger, Miss Barzowski, Mrs. Prendergast


Service Club is for leaders in 4th, 5th, and 6th grade who want to better our school and community with various service projects. The students work together to coordinate, promote, and execute spirit days and fundraisers at Nerge.






Run by

Miss Jerzyk and Mrs. Krueger


Student Safety Patrols promote leadership and safety throughout Nerge School. Our Patrols are held to a high standard of responsibility to help the school arrive and dismiss each day in a safe manor.


Battle of the Books

Run by

Mrs. Kaplan, Mrs. Kaup, Miss Soto


Do you love to read? Do you enjoy friendly competition? Than battle of the books is for you! During this club, you will read books, discuss them, and compete with classmates.




Coding Club

Run by

Mr. Waldau


5th and 6th Grade students will be introduced to the world of computer coding.  We will take a look at different games and try to program our characters to follow certain rules.


Math Olympiad

Run by

Mrs. Stinger, Mr. Waldau, Miss Soto


Students who join this club will participate in 5 monthly math contests.  We “compete” against other 4th, 5th, and 6th graders around the U.S. when we try to solve our 5 problems every month.  We meet during lunch.